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Birth time Rectification

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Birth time Rectification

What is Birth time Rectification?

Birth time Rectification: According to Vedic astrology, there is a different point of views and opinion on the case of recording of birth time. So the first point of view is when the child comes of the fetus of his mother and the other views are when the time of the first cry of the child has to be taken as the birth period. Both of matters the child defaults to cry unless it is slapped by the nurse.

Birth detail comprises the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. However, even though the native or her relative seldom misinform the date of birth and the place of birth to the astrologer, the accuracy of the reported birth period has long been a general area of concern for the scientific-minded astrology.  

The classics of Hindu astrology have given some scheme of correction in the birth period. But they are actually based on the mathematical side of astrology. Few methods use the position of Moon or Mandi and others is based on weekdays of birth and the Nakshatra ad judgment on that day.

How can I Find my Birth Time?

How can I Find my Birth Time?

If you don’t find your birth time or not sure of the purity of your birth time then you can try the following steps:

A. Reach your birth chart

If you have to reach birth record by your birth country sector of records, or important statistics, it would be to send away for your birth record. It normally costs $5 to 15 and can take somewhere from a day.

You would ask for the perfect record, not just birth result, so many DOB certificates do not time of birth listed. There is a form that is usually known as “a long-form” this form provides information on your birth certificate included with time and date, attending physician and nurse.

B. Use a “solar sign” chart

The solar sign is the easiest option is to run a chart. This masquerade that you were born around daybreak. This the types of chart astrologers use to write sun sign regularly horoscopes you see in the newspaper. It provides the best symbolic chart where all of the planets are in their right sign and correct relationship to each other. This is the best way to find your birth time.

C. Try Rectification

This process looking at a general incident in life to set the chart to fit the incident such as birth, death, winning the lottery and car accident, etc.

If you don’t know how to find your birth time at all, it can help you, this involves coming up 12 to 17 incidents to an actual day at time day as possible. This incident you provide would need to be various years, so if you had a considerable person die, moved across the country in one year- that would count as one incident.

How can I calculate my marriage date?

How can I calculate my marriage date

Numerology manuals we to select the best date of marriage by date of birth. To judge the correct date of marriage, the couple’s date of birth much regarded. As per common rule, date 1 and 9 of every month are perfect marriage date to all persons born on date, then the date is suitable for marriage for all people.

1. Calculate the destiny number

You can calculate the destiny number of the groom and bride and add them. To search a destiny number, add up the number in the DOB to get the final single number. You can understand with the following steps:

Step 1- 2+4+1+0+1+9+9+5= 31

Step 2- 2:


So, the destiny number is 4….Know more

2. Defer marriage on these days

According to common rules, never set program the marriage on dates that have destiny digits 4, 5 and 8. According to numerology, 5 is a negative destiny number for marriage. They said programming marriage on the day with destiny number 5 can direct to serious result including divorce.

Importance of birth time rectification

Importance of birth time rectification

Birth time rectification is most important in your life because any predictions or prophecy depends on the accuracy of your birth time, this is not accurate when you cannot expect to get accurate predictions. Only the birth chart prepared with an accurate birth time can you give perfect predictions.

Find your birth time from a globally famous specialist for birth time calculation.

So many people are lucky enough to have their birth time recorded accurately up to the minute. Correct birth time is essential to set the correct degrees of the natal Midheaven and the Ascendant.

The birth time rectification process

The birth time rectification process

Here are some rectification process should be followed in your life:

Use whole sign houses

With whole sign houses rectification is much more directly forward effort, since it becomes really a matter of determining the correct rising sign. Once you have determined the correct resign sign, all of the other houses fall into place. For example- if someone has cancer rising with whole sign houses, you know that they have Aries on the 10th

Pay attention to benefic and malefic planets and sectors

One of the common notions derived from these two concepts Benefic and Malefic that the house placement of the malefic that is contrary to the sect of the chart will often indicate the area of the native’s life in which they have some of the best challenges hardships and even loses.

The house placement of Benefic that is the sect in favour will often indicate the area of the native’s life in which things more fortunate easy and stable.

Read recent outer planet Transits

One of the basic ideas is that whenever Jupiter is transiting things are likely to expend, whenever Saturn is transiting things likely contract.

When Jupiter is transiting the 2nd it sometimes indicates and grows in the native own finance.

Know more and Calculate your Birth time Rectification

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